The Secret Library is funnt seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. Different civilizations existed; many of them disappeared completely, so now, from this perspective, we don't know anything about it. It is quite big challenge to deal with the issues of today's civilization...
Island of Meor is free hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. This group of young adventurists that is included in the game decided to have a little bit different holiday. They went to float on the waters of the sea known as Bohamra. Their incredible journey was full of parties and excitement.
Mysterious Science is new picture search game by AndroidGame. Become a professor of magic science and investigate puzzling mysteries in an exciting new free hidden object game! Find and decrypt the unknown manuscripts by oldman to create the device that will become the discovery of the century!
Through the Mirror is new seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. Lead by the impressions of the last read novel, Sharon decides to visit her grandmother's village since it seems to be similar as those places seen in the novels. Good luck.
Nancy's Part Time Job is another mystery objects game by Hidden4Fun. She was received at the wanted university in the big city but she doesn't have so much money so she has to work a lot in order to earn them. She likes to work and she is doing her job quite well... Have fun.
Bambi Hidden Objects is another online hidden object game by 123peppy. Really fun to play this cute game. Find out the below displayed objetcs, which are been hidden, from bambi image. If you find all the hidden objects, you can pass to the next level. Good luck.
The Others is new cute hidden game by Hidden4Fun. This was a huge disappointment for the guys but there wasn't any other choice because they were far from their city and also far from the city where the concert will take place. Have fun.
Isobel's Diary is new hidden objects game by Hidden4Fun. The thing is that she is only 15 years old and who knows what is happening into her mind, who knows what has led her to do such a thing. It could be a boyfriend; maybe she feels mad on her parents, maybe her friends made her do that...
GingerFred Hidden Numbers is new hidden object game by hidden7. This time there are twenty different hidden numbers in the picture, perfectly concealed. You are supposed to pass this difficult test which comprises four levels, by utilizing the smart hint system as well. You may pull it off with full attention to here.
Dining Room is online hidden object game by games2rule. FHOG has just released a brand new game where your challenge to find the hidden objects in dining room. In this room the objects are totally unplaced. So it is not easy to finding object. Can you find it? Let's go.
The Last Alchemist is another hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. There is a bit of science but also mythology, magic, religion, and spirituality and perhaps that is the reason why there aren't any alchemists today, or why their number becomes smaller. Mister Roger is known in public as the last alchemist of today.
Detective Novels is new online hidden game by online-game-city. The family diamonds were stolen and the private detective was asked to find them as well as the thief. If you want to help him to achieve his mission, you have to search for the items that are hidden in the screen.
After the Earthquake is another online object game by Hidden4Fun. There has been a natural catastrophe in one big metropolis, an earthquake has hit this place in a time when all people are at work, making them feel even more helpless. Mr. Walter woke up in his house, while his wife was at work at the moment.
Little Witch's Messy House is new online hdden object game by GamesHero. Alice needs to prepare a magic potion for celebrating of party! There's not much time left before the holiday and Alice needs your help! Help her find all the ingredients and receive an excellent mark for her homework.
Enchanted Cabin is another seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. She is this girl that you'll meet in the following game. She is a girl that enjoys spending time in her grandma's cabin. There is something magical about that place so every time she visits her, she feels like she is in a fairy tale.
Mystery Of Hidden Inheritance is lost items game by online-game-city. Help the detective to reveal the mystery of her uncle's inheritance. Search for the uncle's letters, look for the prompts and be attentive for details while examining the rooms, yard, garden to get the key. Have fun.
Detective in The Port of Nice is new hide and seek game by onlinegamestars. After waking up on a deserted beach with no memory of who you are, you set out to find the one person who can help you. But when you arrive at the nearest seaside town, you learn that memory loss isn't your only problem.
The Night Intruder is new online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. Young Jacob didn't have much; sometimes he didn't have anything at all. He was a decent person but the poverty has forced him to begin doing some bad things. Could you please help Jacob get some money and leave the place staying unseen?
Rumble in the Jungle is quite nice hidden alphabets game by CuteZee. The jungle, what a wild and beautiful place, filled with a variety of plants, animals and letters? It seems there's a bunch of letters running loose in the jungle, creating chaos amongst the peaceful inhabitants of a particular tropical pond.
The Old Gramophone is anotherseek and find game by Hidden4Fun. Those records are something that reminds her of the time when she was young, of that amazing period in her life that was many years ago, so she got the wish to hear her favorite songs from the youth once again.
Karla's Place is online hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. They thought that living in a city much better because everything is available to them, the girl could choose every school that she wants and after she finish it, to find a better job for her, something that wouldn't be as hard as working in the field.

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