After the Earthquake is another online object game by Hidden4Fun. There has been a natural catastrophe in one big metropolis, an earthquake has hit this place in a time when all people are at work, making them feel even more helpless. Mr. Walter woke up in his house, while his wife was at work at the moment.
Little Witch's Messy House is new online hdden object game by GamesHero. Alice needs to prepare a magic potion for celebrating of party! There's not much time left before the holiday and Alice needs your help! Help her find all the ingredients and receive an excellent mark for her homework.
Enchanted Cabin is another seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. She is this girl that you'll meet in the following game. She is a girl that enjoys spending time in her grandma's cabin. There is something magical about that place so every time she visits her, she feels like she is in a fairy tale.
Mystery Of Hidden Inheritance is lost items game by online-game-city. Help the detective to reveal the mystery of her uncle's inheritance. Search for the uncle's letters, look for the prompts and be attentive for details while examining the rooms, yard, garden to get the key. Have fun.
Detective in The Port of Nice is new hide and seek game by onlinegamestars. After waking up on a deserted beach with no memory of who you are, you set out to find the one person who can help you. But when you arrive at the nearest seaside town, you learn that memory loss isn't your only problem.
The Night Intruder is new online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. Young Jacob didn't have much; sometimes he didn't have anything at all. He was a decent person but the poverty has forced him to begin doing some bad things. Could you please help Jacob get some money and leave the place staying unseen?
Rumble in the Jungle is quite nice hidden alphabets game by CuteZee. The jungle, what a wild and beautiful place, filled with a variety of plants, animals and letters? It seems there's a bunch of letters running loose in the jungle, creating chaos amongst the peaceful inhabitants of a particular tropical pond.
The Old Gramophone is anotherseek and find game by Hidden4Fun. Those records are something that reminds her of the time when she was young, of that amazing period in her life that was many years ago, so she got the wish to hear her favorite songs from the youth once again.
Karla's Place is online hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. They thought that living in a city much better because everything is available to them, the girl could choose every school that she wants and after she finish it, to find a better job for her, something that wouldn't be as hard as working in the field.
Time To Repair is new seek and find game by online-game-city. Help the pretty girl to make repair in her room: tidy up the room, find all necessary instruments and materials for repair and enjoy the result! It's time to show us how sharp your Eagle Eye really is today! Have fun.
The Stanwick Legacy is no download hidden game by playrix. Can Emma reveal the real Stanwick Legacy in this stunning Hidden Object game? After her grandfather died, Emma goes back to her old home to search for the truth about her parents. Did her grandfather leave her enough clues to reveal the secret.
Would you take all the risks that this adventure in a gloomy looking, haunted chateau imply, using your perspicacity for finding that legendary abandoned treasure hidden here? Then venture yourself into the first room and, scanning through all those antique objects piled there...
The Pirates Hidden Objects is new online hidden game by 123bee. Use your keen eyes and search for the items listed within these pictures of The Pirates. Find them all as soon as you can and proceed to the next level. Good luck and have fun.
The Antique Watch is another seek find game by Hidden4Fun. Today, when Mr. Ryan was strolling all around the city, checking out some antique shops, he saw one old but very beautiful and very well preserved watch. So he didn't spend a lot of time thinking if he should buy this watch.
Sea World Adventure is new online hidden object game by Hidden247. Take a chance to explore the sea life. Swim with the sea creatures and find all the objects. Have fun.
Guess the Animal is cute finding game by Hidden4Fun. If you guess the animal, you move into the new level that will give you another challenge but if you don't manage to do that, you go back to the previous level and you play it again. You get three offered answers so you have to choose the right one.
An Angry Queen is new missing objects game by Hidden4Fun. She sends her most faithful servant in search for those 10 diamonds that are so well hidden somewhere in the kingdom since she is prepared to get to them on every possible way. Have fun.
Dad's Garage is another missing things game by dressupgames77. The dad's garage is a worlds hardest puzzle game for you guys and gals out there. In order to be called a winner you need to go through 3 stages of the games and solve all the puzzles. Good luck.
Greengrocer Hidden Objects is another finding game by Cengiz Turk. Amongst the objects being lined up in a complicated way in the different places we are trying to find the ten items being claimed from us. In addition, you can earn extra points by finding 10 bonus objects and 10 hidden numbers.
Princess on a Farm is new hidden things game by Hidden4Fun. She is aware that she could learn best what people think about her, only if she becomes part of that people so she decides to disguise herself in ordinary peasant girl and try to find a work on the farm so she could be closer to the regular people.
Escape from Edoras Castle is new finding game by Hidden4Fun. So now you see what we were talking about our friend is in trouble again! Since he is alone in the castle at the moment, now is needed our character to find the way out of the castle, before those robber come back.

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