The Art of Cooking is new online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. Francesca for example, is one of the best cooking chefs in the world and everyone interested in gastronomy knows about her amazing talent - to make a real perfection out of regular ingredient.
My New Neighborhood is new finding game by Hidden4Fun. This will definitely be more of a pleasure and less of a responsibility and routine, so let's take a walk through the new neighborhood together and see the new neighbors of the Lorensons family. Good luck and have fun.
Wonderland 2 is another find it game by Hidden247. Are you ready to visit to wonderland? If you say yes, This trip will be very good for you. Step into this fantasy world where some objects are missing. Try to find all objects and spot the differences. Good luck.
Mystery of the Sea is mystery adventure game by Hidden4Fun. While Josephine was diving as always, it happened to notice the great 'Black Knight' – a boat that has been concerned as disappeared for more than 200 years. There were numerous expeditions looking for the boat but...
Heirloom Ring is another online hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. I am quite sure that everyone from my family, including my grandmother, will be quite happy if I find this precious object and bring it again where it belongs - to our family. Stay here because your help would be necessary for me, I know that for sure.
Trading Routes is new seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. Maybe you don't have any experience in trading and investing but the game will lead you through the plot, step by step, so we are sure that everything will turn right, for you and for Mr. Bill Stoneshanks as well. Have fun.
Hidden Empire is free online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. On your visit in Itza, you will meet the wonderful girl Ixchel who is a warrior in the first forefront of the King. it is still one of ancient history's most intriguing mysteries. Let's see what is Ixchel asking you. Good luck.
Amongst the objects being lined up in a complicated way in the Turquoise House. We are trying to find the seven items being claimed from us. To progress, you have find the 7 items. You can also gain extra points by finding the 7 coins scattered around. Have fun.
Tree House Hidden Objects is a new seek and find game for G2R. Here is a treehouse. I don't know. Have you seen before? Let me show you tree house. There are too many objects in here. But some of them are missing. Your mission is collect all hidden items. Be quick. You don't have time very much. Good luck.
Reunion Weekend is fun finding game by Hidden4Fun. Rebecca is very happy and excited because of the invitation for college reunion. It has been 20 years since the graduating and she hasn't seen anyone all these years because moved to another place... Good luck.
Ransom for His Sister is funny hide and seek game by MFOGS. They are asking for her last finding an ancient amulet. My sister found it, but of fear that it will fall into the wrong hands amulet was hidden in various places around the world. What is this amulet and where to find it?
Fact or Fake is another seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. So, our today's game would ask from you something like that. We are not pushing you too hard but we will awaken your brain cells and make you think little bit more if you like to deal with the challenges that this game offers.
Room 1 Hidden Objects is nodownload hidden object game by Gamesperk. Have you ever seen a room like this before? What a mixed up. Come on, let's quickly and room cleaned up. Want to see the other rooms? Complete section and go to the other sections. Good luck.
Washing Room Hidden Objects is seek and find game by Games2rule. Have you seen the linens in the washing room? Because you should definitely see. Sure, would you like to collect all items in there? Buckets, soap, toys all of the. Let me show you. Good luck.
Purple Spring is best online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. In this romantic game you will meet Clarence. She comes from a small village but she doesn't live there for 10 years. However, every spring she comes to that village, remembering all the beautiful things that she has spent there
Princess Room Hidden Objects is a another hidden object game for girls. Have you seen a princess room before? Would you like to see this one? Then, follow this corridor. Go straight ahead. Princess room on the left. Go inside and collect all hidden objects. Good luck.
Guanarito Virus is new hide and seek game by Hidden4Fun. Just take the mouse in your hand and once you spot some of the objects given on the list, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button. You activate the hint in a same way, just clicking on the hint button.
Feed the Animals is online seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. Now it is time to move from their old home to the new one and that is also a big challenge that asks for a great organization, to find the way how would they do the things to finish the moving as soon as possible, doing it with great efficacy.
Pack for School is educational hidden object game. Now what if I told you that getting ready for a brand new school year can be almost as fun as some of your favorite summer vacation spare time activities? You get to play the role of a young Sherlock Holmes...
Feed the Animals is unlimited online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. This interesting game includes 5 levels. In every level you look for 10 objects for the animals and 5 other objects that are hidden in that level. The food from each level is for the animal that is placed in that level, so there are 5 animals in total.
Hidden Watch is unlimitd hidden object game by Android_developers. Travel through Europe, examine the most ancient and the most beautiful clocks in the world to reveal the mystery and to find the precious treasure. Enjoy multiple beautiful scenes with lots of hidden items.

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