Purple House is html5 hidden objects game by Cengiz Turk. Purple room is still quite messy. I'm getting used to this mess. Because all these houses are very scattered. Our mission starts here. We can find hidden items and collect the house. You can also get more points by finding 7 coins.
Merchant Ship is free hidden objects game (HTML5) by Cengiz Turk. There are 4 sections in total. And we will look for lost maps within each episode. And finally we will collect the remaining goods of the sinking ship and bring it to the surface. These assets are highly valued.
The Night Society is free seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. The expert team of doctors worked very hard on developing this important vaccine for some 15 years and when they finally made it, the biological preparation disappeared from their laboratory in New York.
Sneaking Mission is mystery finding game by Hidden4Fun. It has been few weeks since she can't find her precious golden watch. She is 100 percent sure that she hasn't taken the watch out of her apartment and she suspects in one of her friends that she has taken it.
Hiddentastic Mansion is free HTML5 game by famobi. Emma inherits an old mansion from a distant relative. But when she visits the place, everything is in ruins. Your task in this Hidden Object game is to help Emma to collect money for the much-needed renovations.
Greengrocer is free HTML5 hidden objects game by Cengiz Turk. These vegetables and fruits are put on top. And we need to find some of these mixed objects. Of course, we may need to find some bonus items. So we will search a total of 20 objects. And we will play a total of 4 episodes.
Hidden Objects Yellow House is free HTML5 find objects game by Cengiz Turk. Some of the stuff in the house has disappeared. We need to find these items that are important to the landlord and put them in their places. Another important matter was that 7 coins were lost in the house.
Messy Bedroom is free HTML5 finding game by Cengiz Turk. We have 7 missing objects. These are very urgent. However, the rooms are very messy and we need to find these items as soon as possible. We should look around well. We can concentrate on the game at this point.
Useful Things is free HTML5 seek and find game by Cengiz Turk. There are a lot of things, and it's hard to choose from them. In addition to this, there are 10 hidden shapes. In this way we will find a total of 20 objects and carry our house. It is a good match for both pc and mobile platforms.
Secret Observatory is new finding game by Hidden4Fun. Some of the children in the camp, discovered some old documents about the observatory which lead them to an adventure of finding the entrance of the observatory room that remained a secret all these years. Good luck.
Forsaken Gems is original seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. There was just one young man that was actually immune to his curses. No one could explain how that happen but the fact was that he was the only one that could do something in order to save the village. Have fun.
Variation Differences is free HTML5 spot the difference game by Cengiz Turk. There is a feature of the game alone; The picture used in this game reminds me of four seasons. When the seasons are different, the objects we need to find are also different. This, of course, increases the taste of the game.
Hidden Objects Green House is new HTML5 missing things game by Cengiz Turk. You've played these games thousands of times. But with the developing technology, we had to make some changes. This time it was a game compatible with mobile. What you need to do again is obvious.
Hidden Object Messy Kitchen is free HTML5 seek and find game by Cengiz Turk. We will find a total of 7 objects in this very attractive chart. But these objects are well hidden. But it's pretty easy for professional players like us. All we have to do is focus on the game we need and complete our mission.
NumberSign 3 is free HTML5 secret numbers game by Cengiz Turk. A total of 10 numbers and 10 hidden signs are waiting for us. Now what we need to do is simple: we will find the signs and hidden numbers. These signs can be traffic, fire, school, and trip signs. Have fun.
Hidden Objects Blue House is free HTML5 finding game by Cengiz Turk. We will also find 7 coins. This way we will get the most points. I need to use the time well. This way we can get the highest score. We have 4 different departments. These sections are quite entertaining.
Hidden Objects zZz is free HTML5 lost objects game by Cengiz Turk. Sleeping in a particularly beautiful bedroom is a distinct flavor. But we have a little problem. This bedroom is rather mixed and untidy. But we found a solution to this. We need to clean this bedroom quickly.
The Flood is free find object game by Hidden4Fun. A lot of homes in Texas were flooded. Ethan’s home was as well under water and he put the efforts to evacuate his family on safe place at his wives family in Arkansas and now is back into his home, in order to save as much as it is needed from his house.
Hidden Objects Red House is free HTML5 finding game by Cengiz Turk. Our rooms are very colorful. It's quite eye-catching. But the missing items are a little too much. We must find them immediately and put them in their places. We can gather around without coming home.
Hidden Objects Junior is free HTML5 finding game by Cengiz Turk. We have to find them quickly. In this way we can place items in the house. What we need to do is pretty simple. First we will find 10 missing items. Then we will find 10 missing keys. After all this, we will try to get the highest score.
Hidden Objects Quiet House is free HTML5 seek and find game by Cengiz Turk. This house looks very calm from the outside but there are some problems. For example, the house is very scattered. The hosts are not interested in the house. That's why we will help them. But this help will be like this.

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