Hidden Objects Quiet House is free HTML5 seek and find game by Cengiz Turk. This house looks very calm from the outside but there are some problems. For example, the house is very scattered. The hosts are not interested in the house. That's why we will help them. But this help will be like this.
Hidden Objects Style Room is free HTML5 picture search game by Cengiz Turk. The game has 4 different levels. There are 10 missing items in each section. There are also 10 lost stars (bonus). We have to find the items that appear in the picture on the right. Time is very important to us.
Hidden Objects Luxury is free HTML5 hidden objects game by Cengiz Turk. Our aim is to find lost items in the room. These things are well kept. It's easy for master players like us. All we need to do is find the objects that are given at the top. We have to hurry for this. Because there is time limit.
Heart Of The Jungle is free hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. The history knows that Chantite lived here in this areas and they were obsessed with believing in magics. They also believe that they built their city nearby the great diamonds mine in the jungle. Have fun.
Hidden Objects Nursery is new HTML5 hidden objects game by Cengiz Turk. It's also a lot of fun. For this reason, there are too many objects and toys in these rooms. Now what should we do? We see that some toys are missing. We should find these items as soon as possible and hand them over to their owners.
Hidden Objects Kitchen is free HTML5 hidden objects game by Cengiz Turk. The first thing we need to do is to find the top objects. Then we'll find cookies as a bonus. We will earn more points on this count. The game consists of 4 episodes. There is also music to comfort you. Have fun.
Little Shop Of Treasures is new HTML5 game by famobi. Have a look around and work in the town's stores. Find the requested items for your customers and save enough money to finally make your dream come true. Hundreds of unique items are waiting to be discovered in this challenging game.
The Rebel Princess is online hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. The princess Beatrice has a rebellious character. She doesn't agree with her father's regime and finds that poor villagers have the right of bigger rights. Beatrice decides to create thinner barrier between poor and rich people.
Gathering Hidden Objects is new HTML5 hidden objects game by Cengiz Turk. This is something we like. Because we like to find missing items. The first step is this: We will search for the above goods in the house. We also have the stars we need to find 10. These will earn us extra points. Have fun.
Hiddentastic Mansion is free HTML5 game by famobi. Emma inherits an old mansion from a distant relative. But when she visits the place, everything is in ruins. Your task in this Hidden Object game is to help Emma to collect money for the much-needed renovations.
Gloomy Suburb is free hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. He had resolved hundreds of cases connected to violence. Bernard accepted the invitation to defeat the trespasser. The first thing he analyzed was the age of the victims and asked himself why the maniac isn't attacking younger women.
Home Sweet Home is free HTML5 hide and seek game by Cengiz Turk. They are standing scattered around the house. We need to collect these scattered items. You can accomplish this by using the time fairly well. All you need to do is find objects on the right side. Have fun.
Wolf's Den is new seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. There are no rumors that the treasure is not there anymore so we believes that everything is as it was left by Captain Jack. Well our expedition is actually brave enough so we are here at the place, looking for the great treasure. Have fun.
Rooms Hidden Objects is free HTML5 seek and find by Cengiz Turk. There are a lot of things in these rooms. Moreover, the decorations of the rooms are excellent. Now our task: some objects are lost and we will find those missing objects. In this case, there are things we need to look out for. Have fun.
The Wandering Galleon is online finding game by Hidden4Fun. This might look like a very challenging quest but Condtantina will definitely do everything for her father's will so she is prepared to go as far as it's needed. This would be Comstantina's biggest adventure yet. Have fun.
Haunted Harbor is online seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. His job isn't an easy one, because such cases are pretty rare in his long career. Of course, you are here to help him solve the big mystery and find the answers to these important issues. Have fun.
Property Hidden Objects is free HTML5 seek and find by Cengiz Turk. We have some problems. Some of our belongings were lost. We must find them immediately. For this, we need to hurry. We have to find a total of 10 items. In addition, we also need to find the stars.
Train Robbery is online finding game by Hidden4Fun. Those people were traveling and once someone realized that certain objects are missing, all passengers in the train started panicking. They called the police right away and the detectives where in the train very soon. Have fun.
The Old Mine is free seek and find game by Hidden4Fun. This is going to be one very unusual and extraordinary experience for him. Why shouldn't that be the story with you, our dear player? Put yourself into Mike's position and think hypothetically what would you do...
The Park Keeper is new hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. The park is a place where people go to relax themselves, to take a short rest from their routine, so Donald has to keep it clean but also to guard it from some people that may make certain damage and destroy other people's idyll. Have fun.
Seven Diamonds is online hidden objects game by Hidden4Fun. Mabel knows that somewhere here there are seven diamonds hidden really well and those diamonds have been an aim to the treasure seekers for so many years. Have fun.

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